Cellular Phone Coverage

Do you need in building wireless radio, NEXTEL© and cellular telephone coverage? Remeber the days of "can you hear me now"? You need in building cellular coverage now more than ever since most of us carry wireless devices. After you have made a big investment in your company's infrastructure, purchasing cellular phones or radios you find dead spots. What to do next? We can tell you several ways of providing coverage for your business. There are products designated to help with this problem and you can keep the investment you made. Your communication is vital for your business weather in a warehouse, security or construction site. We can help you solve your radio coverage issues so that safety, security and communications are never compromised. Bi-Directional Amplifier Solutions These devices come in a variety of models and are used to enhance in building and area specific cellular/PCS/SMR/iDEN radio spectrum coverage. The benefits of these devices are that they continuously amplify signals within the desired band both ways so that reception and transmission are improved. RF Consulting can help you devise the necessary products and setup to fit your particular case.