Radio Frequency Consulting

If you need radio coverage in a fringe area do you have the answers you need to correct or improve your existing radio coverage ? We do ! We can tell you if you can use your current equipment, add to your existing network, or need to purchase more equipment. Our goal is to provide non biased approach to all customers from local police, public safety agencies, small and medium sized businesses to non-profit organizations with information, education and services that is unsurpassed. RF Consulting was started with you in mind. While other shops may try to sell you a certain product line we are not bound to anyone or any product. We do not receive endorsement from any manufacturers or other radio shops so we can honestly tell you the truth. Our firm collaborates with other companies and experts in order to provide advice and services including research and testing of new products and technologies necessary for achieving the goals of your organization. Wise resources allocations means you have to make the most of a limited amount of money. Do you have to stay with one vendor or one brand? We don't think so. RF Consulting can help you define your radio communication goals, help you to determine how best to accomplish those goals, and help you through the purchase or bid process. We can also help with FCC filings. Remain FCC compliant by updating your license. Call today so we can assess your situation and get the application process started! Where else can you turn for a non biased answer to your questions?
Please call or write today for your free initial consultation.